1991 Illusion Mini 12, Saint Petersburg, Florida, asking $3,000, price reduced 1/21/05 to $2,000, ad expired

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1991 Illusion Mini 12, hull # ilu12114191

This boat, to the best of my knowledge, has only been sailed in central Florida. The only major problem is the mast. The mast was in two pieces, I repaired the mast by inserting a metal sleeve inside the mast to reinforce the damaged section. I loved sail this boat and now ready for a 2.4 class racing boat It is a single person racing boat that was designed to look like the America's Cup 12 meter racing boats. They were first produced in the early 80's, and you can get new ones today for about $7000. They became very popular with older sailors because they have all the control lines of a big boat, but are only piloted by a single person so you don't have to worry if your crew is going to show up or not. (You don't have to use all the control lines, can sail just fine with just the basics) Another big aspect of racing them is that because you sit inside and can't hike out, it doesn't matter how athletic (or non-athletic) the captain is, everyone is equal.

Very comfortable to sail, has a molded seat that is nice to sit on and you steer with your feet. Doesn't feel like a kayak, and the opening where you get in is so large that it is very easy to get in and out of, and don't feel like would become entrapped in it if capsized. Just a hoot to sail, very fun - really is a keel boat that you can drive against the wind and heal way over. Very unique feeling being right there next to the water. Has a new bilge pump mounted just forward of where you sit so if you take on water, can pump it out. Also has full reserve floatation so if you become totally swamped it will float so you can bail the water out.

Currently has 6 20lb and 4 15 lb bags of lead shot put in the keel and more ballast could be added. The trailer and cradle are NOT included, 2 roller furling jibs, 1 main, whisker pole. All sails are in excellent shape, very crunchy and practically new.

I can transport boat to any central Florida location.

Will also consider selling cradle and trailer together or separate for the right price.
The trailer is 18 ft long and is in very good condition. This trailer is over kill for this boat.
Also I spent $150.00 to have the trailer to custom fit the cradle.
The cradle is made of aluminum and is in very good condition.
The cradle was custom made for the illusion boat.
The cradle also has a wheel system so that the boat can be wheeled around the docks to get to the lift.

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Sailboat Photo Gallery

1991 Illusion Mini 12 sailboat

1991 Illusion Mini 12 sailboat

1991 Illusion Mini 12 sailboat

1991 Illusion Mini 12 sailboat

1991 Illusion Mini 12 sailboat

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