Inland 20, 2005, St. Peters, Missouri, $14,900, price reduced 1/4/10 to $12,900, sold 1/11/10

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2005 Windward Boatworks Inland 20

  • Located in St. Peters, MO until April 25th. Will be at Carlyle Lake, IL after that date. This boat is dry sailed from the trailer.


  • 2005 Windward Boatworks Inland 20, S-17 "Kai Vai"

    The Inland 20 (I-20) is a twenty foot, high performance, two person racing scow with an asymmetrical spinnaker that is carried on a retractable bowsprit. The boat sports twin bilge boards, twin rudders and a slightly tunneled scow hull that helps to promote reduced wetted surface and planing. The I-20 offers all of the speed, excitement and "go fast" gadgetry of the much larger A and E-Scow, but only needs two people to effectively race in any wind condition. If you are not in to racing, the I-20 is also a great boat to just day sail in. The scow hull is a very comfortable and stable platform for a family, yet is a quick boat.

    "Kai Vai" is in great condition and is ready to race. She is a fast boat and has won both the 2007 Inland 20 National Championship and the 2008 Carlyle I-20 Regattas. The graphics on the hull are vinyl and easily changed if you would prefer a different look.

    The following items are included:

  • 23 lb Carbon Fiber Mast
  • Annodized and Teflon Coated Bilge Boards

    One complete set of sails

  • 2005 Main sail
  • 2005 Jib
  • 2005 Asymmetrical Spinnaker
  • (These sails are in good condition and can still win races)
  • Dual Deck Mounted Compasses, located just forward of the skipper position.
  • Full Deck Cover
  • Envelope Travel Cover
  • Lifting Bridle
  • Masthead Flotation Panels (zip on to the mainsail making the boat self rescuing in the event of a capsize)

    2005 Karavan Single Axle Trailer


  • Length Overall 20' 0"
  • Beam 5' 8"
  • Draft - Bilgeboard down 3' 8"
  • Weight 595 lbs
  • Extra Lead (to meet minimum weight) 30 lbs
  • Sail area (mainsail) 114 sq. ft
  • Sail area (Jib) 62 sq. ft
  • Sail area (spinnaker) 265 sq. ft
  • PN 84.0

    My Inland 20 (Inland 20 #100) has sold thanks to your website.
    St. Peters, Missouri

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    Inland 20 sailboat

    Inland 20 sailboat

    Inland 20 sailboat

    Inland 20 sailboat

    Inland 20 sailboat

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