9/23/05, 1980 International 14, Windycrest Sailing Club, Keystone Lake, Tulsa, Oklahoma, $1,800, sold 10/26/05
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1980 International 14

  • short rig
  • Challenging centerboard double-handed racing boat (2 trapezes)
  • dark red color.
  • 14 feet long, approx. 5 feet wide
  • easy to haul and launch.
  • Great boat for "International 14 - beginners".
  • Boat, rig and sails in great condition and ready to sail.
  • 2 main sails, 2 jibs, 2 spinnakers
  • spare mast
  • boat is prepared to sail assymetrical spinnaker.
  • Full cover
  • Street Trailer in good condition.
  • Sorry we have to sell it but we are going back to Germany.

    Dear David,
    my boat is sold for the price I asked ! Thank you so much. Your website is frequented all-over the US.
    Unfortunately, I also got the typical Spam from people who wanted to sell my old boat to Africa. How stupid !
    The best way is NOT to answer such e-mails at all. If you answer they might put you on other Spam lists.
    Anyway, thanks again, and please mark my boat sold.
    Best regards,
    Tulsa, Oklahoma

    NOTE FROM DAVID: I don't think that not answering the scam emails is the best way, not at all. Think of these poor guys sending out thousands of emails a day, and all they get is a few victims that actually answer them. Never reply to spam, true, but this is not spam, it is scam. I think it is much better to reply to scammers, I send them a one line email:
    Now if everyone would do this, the theives would send out 1,000 emails, and have to open 1,000 emails, all that said "THOU SHALT NOT STEAL". It might get through to them and help them get on to a better life. I've been doing this a couple years, and it seems I have gotten on their "do not email list", a list for the scammers not to waste their time on! I get few of the scams anymore.

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    Sailboat Photo Gallery

    1980 International 14  sailboat

    1980 International 14  sailboat

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