J/22, 1987, Lake Canyon Yacht Club, Texas, $11,975, sold 3/25/08

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1987 J/22

  • Once known as Pony Express. Most recently raced in October, 2007.
  • Keel Job, currently raced, over the last 3 years have replaced all the cam cleats, other minor maintenance issues resolved. The bulkhead/stay plate issue handled before purchasing the boat.


  • Two year old low stretch mainsheet, spin halyard replaced. Outhaul recently overhauled and line replaced. Others halyards and sheets in good shape.


  • All sails are Quantum
  • Two mains, practice and racing, I have flown the racing once and it is sweet.
  • Three Jibs, practice, club race and race, I have not flown the Race but it looks and feels great.
  • Three Spinnakers, practice with Red Horse, Club Race (white) and Race (Red) which may have never been flown, previous owner couldn’t remember and I did not want to fly it until we had the spinnaker handling down.

    Trailer – galvanized, one fender bent up from a ramp incident, purely cosmetic. Had keel guides added for launch and retrieve on boat ramp. Has ladder on mast support.

    Boat is DRY! I have been up to the lake after the heavy rains we had this year to check on her and she was bone dry inside.

    Included: Tacktic, older model but works, strain gauge, spin pole, extra lines, two fenders, removable motor mount, other misc stuff.

    The new owner took delivery yesterday, the check cashed today.
    They found it on sailing texas!
    Many thanks, please mark the ad for J22 101 SOLD!
    Canyon Lake, Texas

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    Sailboat Photo Gallery

    J/22 sailing boat

    J/22 sailing boat

    J/22 sailing boat

    J/22 sailing boat

    J/22 sailing boat

    J/22 sailing boat

    J/22 sailing boat

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