1985 J27, $17,200 Sold

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J/27 Racing Sailboat For Sale
Price: $17,200 obo
Location: Seabrook Shipyard - Kemah, TX a bit south of Houston. Delivery to some locations may be possible however Galveston Bay would be a great place for the new owner.
Includes: 2002 duel-axle galvanized trailer, 2002 2hp Honda outboard, 2002 Epoxy paint, set up for dry sailing. 2002 Lifelines. 2 Main sails, one Kevlar/Pentax, one Dacron. 2 155% head sails, one Pentax, one Kevlar. 1 140% old sail. 1 110% Kevlar sail. 2 Spinnakers.
Hull: #76
Other Stuff: Almost every thing needed to bay race, e.g. racing sheets, halyards, winch handles, etc. Most everything to offshore race night or day, e.g. mob system for night time, radar reflectors, flares, porta-potty, and the really small tack-tick without the graphics showing L/H. Boom/sail cover and companion way covers.
Comments: The boat is optimized for racing, not cruising. I have tons of stuff that comes with the boat including the cushions for v-berth and port/starboard berths. However, the boards they rested on are gone. The spinnaker, (2) 155%, and 110% sails are race ready. A 155%, 110%, and spinnaker were new in 2002 from Quantum. The main is near the end of its racing career. The others are for delivery/practice.
Discussion: Regarding the year 2002 work. The trailer has 8 pads, dual axle, and electric brakes, it cost over $4,000. The motor/lifelines are new and cost $800 and $400. The bottom work was significant and cost $3,000. Scott says "obo" but actually can't come down very much. The boat can win with a decent driver and a couple of cohesive crew. Scott has moved to New Orleans and is switching to an OD boat.

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1985 J27

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