1974 Kiwi 24, central Texas, $7500, ad expired

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  • Fin keel
  • very good condition
  • one cylinder inboard that is in good condition
  • All sails are new and the rigging is in good condition
  • Owner has a stack of original building plans, magazine articles about the boat winning quarter ton races, manuals for the engine, rigging, notes from the original designer, etc. It is really quite fun to read...seems to be quite a special boat. It is named the EYGHTENE, named evidently for the IOR rating for Quarter Tonners and the spelling has to do with the phonetical spelling of 18 with a New Zealand accent. It seems she won quite a bit in the late 70's. She was designed in Florida by New Zealander Ron Holland and Gary Carlin. She was raced (and won) both in the US and England and possibly other places as well. Her overall length is 24'...beam 9.8'...draft 4.4' She was completed in 1974 by Ron Holland.

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    1974 Kiwi

    1974 Kiwi

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