Laser, 2007, Arlington, Texas, $4,100, sold 4/15/09

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2007 Laser

  • length 13 feet 10 inches

    Boat is almost new condition - see pictures or come see the boat.

    Laser Pro is equipped with a 12 to 1 vang and outhaul upgrades and a quick release clew slide has been added.

    Genuine Laser Class Sail is very good condition.

    Does NOT come with shown dolly or a trailer.

    Other items that can be purchased separately:

  • Genuine Laser Radial rig lower mast (used appx. 6 times almost new condition)
  • Genuine Laser 4.7 rig lower mast (used 2 times, almost new cond.)
  • Intensity (brand) (quality product) sail for Laser Radial rig (NOT class legal for sanctioned regattas) used appx. 6 times
  • Intensity sail for Laser 4.7 rig (NOT class legal for sanctioned regattas) used 2 times

    I sold my Laser Pro today April 15, 2009. Again, your ad has worked for me and for the new owner of the boat. Thanks!
    Arlington, Texas

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    Laser sailboat

    Laser sailboat

    Laser sailboat

    Laser sailboat

    Laser sailboat

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