Laser 2, 1985, Frisco, Texas, $2,300, price reduced 4/8/08 to $1,950, sold 4/25/08

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1985 Laser 2

  • 14'6"
  • Nice condition.
  • 2006 Interlux paint job.
  • Nice sails.
  • Custom trailer for Laser II that doubles for single-handed dolly.
  • New Harkin Cam Cleat for main sheet.
  • Nice/fun boat.

    Dear David:
    My Laser 2 is sold. As usual, thanks! Could have sold in 2 days off your site, but I committed to the 1st caller that said "I want it!".. and he ended up being a "waffler" because some friend had told him, "A Laser 2 is too much for your daughter and you." I saved subsequent serious callers, and had five purchasers "lined up. ".....I will be sending my donation!... (and, Oh, yes, I probably had six "funny/scam emails." Anyone that falls for those people, for sure, wants to sell their boat too badly!"
    Have a great weekend, David.
    Frisco, Texas

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