TWO Laser II, 1995, Los Altos, California, $4,000, sold 7/2/09

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TWO 1995 Laser II

  • These are the among the last ones built so they have the launcher tube for the spinnaker.
  • Sail numbers are 10171 &10172
  • Solid hulls with no soft spots at all
  • Brand new inspection ports, stainless Andersen bailers and Ronstan swivel bases on each boat.
  • All hardware resealed and both are bone dry inside after sailing
  • Each has 2 mains, 2 jibs and 1 spinnaker
  • Each has a roadworthy trailer with new bearings, seals and Bearing Buddies.

    Trailers have current Calif registration.

    Will sell separately.

    Good morning David.
    I hope this finds you well.
    Both Laser 2s in this ad have sold.
    I did get great response from the ad, but all were too far away to close a deal. Much interest from eastern Canada and also several from Texas. However, I was just not prepared to deliver (even halfway) a $2k boat -so none of those worked out.
    No one questioned price, it was all about logistics. Probably 5 of them could have been considered "serious buyers".
    So last weekend I tried (SF Bay Area) Craigslist. I had purposely avoided it because I didn't want to deal with a bunch of uninformed guys "thinkin of some kind of boat for the summer..." What I wanted was someone who knew what a Laser 2 was and could recognize these as good value for the type. I asked $2350 for each.
    Both were sold within a week to the first 2 (and only) guys who showed up to take a look. One has been picked up and I have a $1k cash deposit on the other, he will collect the boat on Sat. (needed a hitch added to his car)
    Now I can order new sails for my FD! Yippee!
    For the record, sale price was $2100 for one and the full $2350 for the other (it had a somewhat nicer trailer and newer spinnaker).
    Thank you so much for maintaining your site. It is an invaluable resource, and I learn something every time I visit it.
    I wish you the very best in your battle and will continue to follow your blog... I have a very dear friend in much the same situation.
    Cheers -Paul
    Los Altos, California

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