Luger 21, 1969, Minneapolis, Minnesota, $2,600, ad expired

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1969 Luger Windward 21

  • This is a great price on a solid well built sailboat. Sale includes a 5 1/2 hp Johnson outboard, 5 sails, roller furling, and a trailer. And coming out of storage next week
  • It's lightweight, buoyant and (hey beginning sailors) self-righting. The hull will automatically right itself if knocked down flat with mast in water, and the cockpit is self bailing. The Windward is ideal for day sailing, points well into the wind and has a "weathering" helm.
  • What I like most is that there's no need to limit your sailing to one harbour: The sailboat trailers as easy as any outboard, and launches from any convenient ramp. The keel winches up so you can sale in water as shallow as 25" or you can beach this baby should you want to swim or picnic.
  • The standard combination of mainsail and working jib furnishes just the right amount of power for fast, comfortable daysailing. There's also a 150% genoa to make it go fast in lighter airs.
  • This model has a retracting Center-board - enabling shallow water operation, beaching, and easy trailering
  • The 5 1/2 hp Johnson is more than enough for any 21' keel boat, weighing in at 2500 lbs...probably the best motor for power, weight, and shaft length.
  • If you want get into a great daysailing setup, here's your chance.

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    Luger 21

    Luger 21

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