1975 Luger Leeward 16, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, asking $850, sold 1/19/05

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1975 Luger Leeward 16

  • Luger's Leeward is one of the most popular sailboats ever built. Leeward's sleek, trim form and planning hull give top performance on the open water. Leeward's cockpit seats six on chair-height seats with form fitting backrests. Leeward's cabin top is rigidly reinforced to support the weight of top-side sailors.
  • Leeward's semi-planning hull (identical to the Seabreeze) is exceptionally stable and gives top performance on open water. For easy, single-handed sailing, all lines controlling main and jib sails and the raising /lowering of centerboard are within easy reach while seated at the tiller.
  • As you can see the boat is in good condition. The mast is a little bent but is in good operating condition. A great boat for the beginner or expert sailor. We have enjoyed many hours sailing her, but she sat alone in the driveway last year! Too nice a boat not to be enjoyed by someone. Trailer included.

    Thanks for running the ad for my Leeward Luger. I sold the boat yesterday and would like it if you could show it as sold. I really appreciate what you do with your website. Its my preferred site for sailing info.
    Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

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    1975 Luger Leeward 16 sailboat

    1975 Luger Leeward 16 sailboat

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