Macgregor 19, 1994, St. Louis, Missouri, $9,800, price reduced 6/4/08 to $7,500, sold 6/20/08

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1994 Macgregor 19

  • This little boat was the prototype of the well known Macgregor 26x. For various reasons Macgregor decided to make the 26x a more flat bottomed boat which led to faster planing speeds under power but reduced the 26x's sailing performance. This problem does not exist with the smaller, harder to find Mac 19. This little boat will still attain a top speed of 25 mph. but also has a remarkable sailing envelope. With its included Cruising Spinnaker, she can really show up her peers in light winds. The Mac 19 has a remarkably large cabin for a boat of her size with a completely unheard of enclosed head.

    I had purchased the boat because we needed a trailer sailor for our journeys to Florida and the Great Lakes. She has served us well and has been towed behind a Dodge Magnum Wagon without any problems.

    If you have any questions please e-mail me or call me

    Hi David,
    Our boat sold, so mark it sold, I would appreciate it. Thanks for all of your help. Your ad sold it!!

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    Macgregor 19

    Macgregor 19

    Macgregor 19

    Macgregor 19

    Macgregor 19

    Macgregor 19

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