1993 Macgregor 26S, Montgomery, Alabama, $8500, Sold

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  • swing keel
  • 3 sails; working jib, mainsail, 150 genoa, all in excellent condition, original, 10 years old, always covered or stored, complete with matching "black" suite of mainsail cover/sail bag.
  • Trailer included, "like-new" appearance, no damage, repainted black, new wheel inner and outer bearings and bearing races, and new seals, all improvements recent weeks, all the result of preventative maintenance and not failure. Tires have "like-new" tread, good appearance, however I'd recommend having a good spare for very long distance transit. The trailer is the "surge brake" model, however I pull it with a large vehicle and don't need the surge brakes, therefore I removed the rusty brake assemblies rather than replacing them. New brake assemblies and brake shoes should restore the surge brake function. I do not sell the trailer "with surge brakes functional," except with work-out with the buyer. Surge brakes on the trailer were an optional addition to the trailer by Macgregor anyway. Brand new crank jack/support wheel installed on trailer tongue/frame, swings up and locks in place for transit. Fully functional brake and running lights, and turn indicators.
  • Motor was "new" in 1993, Mercury 8 hp, excellent "like-new" appearance, has been used no more than 50-75 hrs of total operation. I haven't done many extended motoring cruises. I am prepared to offer and stand behind a "motor only, limited but substantial" 90 day personal warranty of the motor, conditions of warranty to be worked-out "in writing" with buyer. The motor usually cranks "first or second pull." After it's run a few minutes, if you shut it off a 5 year-old could re-crank it with one pull.
  • original deep discharge marine battery, condition unknown and assumed bad, battery in "as is" condition of sale. I hardly ever used the battery. I am a "day only," "fair-weather only" sailor.
  • Has been in salt water, but not in the recent 4 years, plenty of freshwater river/lake launches available nearby, lakes Martin and Jordan in south central Alabama, and the Alabama river system. Boat never left in the water more than 4 days at a span, lives on the trailer on a concrete ramp at my farm.


  • outboard type motor stand with handles and rollers (you'll love this!)
  • anchor and 200 ft of anchor rope
  • camper pop top, excellent "like new" condition
  • alum telescoping boat pole
  • assorted dock lines
  • dockside electrical connection and cable
  • 5 rubber fenders
  • porta potti, "like new" condition
  • all original interior cloth cushions and exterior cockpit vinyl cushions, all in good condition, I'd say a "6" at least on a 1-10 scale, not torn or badly stained, modestly faded.
  • stern locker has installed "marine fuel grade" vent hose and through-hull mounted vent for ventilation of semi-permanent below deck fuel tank. You may use a modified fuel tank below deck, and use the ventilation system, or you may use a top-deck standard tank. Comes with my modified tank which can be used either below or above deck.

    hull and gelcoat in very good condition, excellent "street" and "dockside" appearance, only minor scratches and nicks in the hull, never damaged, never repaired, never leaked, water ballast tank fully fuctional with no leaks and fully functional valve/plug/seal.

    The pictures should convey a message that the boat/trailer/motor is very much in "like new" condition and has been preserved/maintained/serviced. I love sailing, but I have a small farm and don't have the time for sailing that I used to have. Thank you. I can email any other pictures a potential buyer could want.

    David at Sailing Texas dot com has provided an invaluable service in the marketing of my 1993 Macgregor 26S. Even though a sale came via another channel, referring potential buyers to my Sailing Texas page provided not only additional pictures, but also another opportunity to write ad text for their review. The ad was entered about 10/1/03 and I've had almost 30 inquiries from Sailing Texas and other sites. Good job!
    Montgomery, Alabama

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