2/5/06, 1985 Marsh Hen, Orlando, Florida, $4,500, sold 2/11/06

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1985 Marsh Hen

  • Hull Material: Fiberglass
  • Rigging: Gaff
  • Keel: Center Board
  • Use: Fresh Water, Salt Water
  • Marsh Hen comes complete with dodger, bimini and trailer. With the dodger up and cushions down, there is room for two to sleep comfortably. With the zippered screen, it's like a floating tent.
  • The Marsh Hen sports a spacious, flat deck, complete with cushions, generous storage and a self bailing cockpit.
  • Marsh Hen comes with a Danforth Anchor. A small outboard is a necessary evil aboard a sailboat. There is a cockpit mounted motor bracket.
  • This Gaff Rigged beauty has two lines running through the hull back to the cockpit, which can adjust the 165 sq ft sail to infinite sizes. The sail is original.
  • The Marsh Hen weighs only 650lbs and can be towed behind nearly any vehicle. It has no standing rigging, making it relatively easy to transport and set up. It's unusual "L-shaped" centerboard is 7' long when only dropped about 6", making the Marsh Hen the perfect gunkholer. It can go just about anywhere and go to windward in about 18" of water.
  • Green hull / White deck
  • The trailer is original and in excellent condition

    David, I'm happy to report that my FL Bay Boat Marsh Hen E, has sold for $4,000. Thank you!
    Orlando, Florida

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    Sailboat Photo Gallery

    1985 Marsh Hen sailboat

    1985 Marsh Hen sailboat

    1985 Marsh Hen sailboat

    1985 Marsh Hen sailboat

    1985 Marsh Hen sailboat

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