Melonseed, 1972, Jacksonburg, West Virginia, $4,000, sold 8/22/08

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1972 Melonseed

  • This lovely Melonseed was built in fiberglass as hull # 48 by Crawford Boat Building in Massachusetts. It is a 19th century traditional design. The boats are still manufactured and supported by an enthusiastic owners group.
  • 13' 8'' in length
  • 4' 3" beam.
  • Draft (board up) 3" -- (board down) 2' 6"
  • Weight 160 pounds.
  • Sail area 62 square feet. The boat moves right along in breezes you cannot even feel.
  • Extremely seaworthy in exposed waters.
  • Rigged and launched in a few minutes.
  • Ivory hull, Buff deck.
  • Tanbark sail by Mattern.
  • All teak woodwork (cockpit coamings, daggerboard, rudder/tiller, floor-boards, rub-rails) protected by Deks Olje.
  • Mast, boom, and sprit varnished with Epifanes.
  • Leather chafe guards.
  • 7' 6" Sitka Spruce spoon-blade oars. Melonseeds row easily and with great glide.
  • All bronze oarlocks and hull fittings.
  • New England Ropes 3-strand Dacron lines.

    All items in very good condition.

    Available separately:

  • a 2006 LoadRite galvanized trailer custom fitted with:
  • carpeted bunks.
  • three rollers under keel.
  • 1 -7/8" hitch.
  • very low mileage.

    My Melonseed and trailer sold within 14 hours of posting them for sale on Sailing Texas! I would add that (sadly) neither I or the buyer live anywhere near that great state of Texas. Thank you once again for the wonderful service that appeals to folks from all parts of the country.
    Jacksonburg, West Virginia

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    Melonseed sailboat

    Melonseed sailboat

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