Mistral Ntrance, 2005, Cedar Park, Texas, $900, sold 7/26/09

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2005 Mistral Ntrance

  • Mistral N. Trance windsurfer with all of my gear
  • I have always stored the board and gear inside. I believe the board was manufactured on or about 2005.
  • It's a great board at approximately 220 liters which is awesome for beginners to advanced sailors. I weigh 220 lbs and the board holds me up without any issues.
  • The combination of the length, width and volume of the board makes for excellent stability and great sailing.
  • The board itself is in nice condition with a soft topside and comes with a foot straps, removable centerboard and removable rear fin.
  • The board and gear included is everything you need to sail.

    Below is a list of everything that is included with the board:

  • 6.2 Neil Pride sail (very nice condition)
  • 5.5 Alpha sail (near new condition)
  • 2 piece aluminum rig with additional small top extension
  • 2 booms
  • Mast base
  • Mast base protective cover
  • Harness
  • Rear Finn and centerboard travel bag
  • Miscellaneous extra mast bases

    Hi David,
    I sold the windsurfer today. Thanks for posting it on Sailing Texas!
    Cedar Park, Texas

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    Mistral Ntrance sailboard

    Mistral Ntrance sailboard

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