Mud Hen, 1985, Ft. Lauderdale, Florida, $5,000, sold 9/16/08

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1985 Mud Hen

  • This hard to find unique fibreglass boat based on the old Norwalk Island Sharpies design includes the following:
  • New tanbark sail.
  • Custom Made Tabernacle Mast allows easy lowering of mast for towing and getting under bridges.
  • A very reliable low hour 5hp Honda four stroke engine sits in an inboard well for easy access.
  • Boat is equipped with running lights and a 12 volt battery.
  • The trailer was built by the original owner for the boat, he built trailers professionally and it has proven to be perfect for the craft, I barely notice I am towing anything behind my Jeep Liberty.
  • A boom gallows was added to keep the sails and rigging out of the way while at rest.
  • All of the teak was recently stripped and refinished.

    This boat is very dry and stable. The retractable centre-board allows sailing/motoring in less than a foot of water. It is ideal for exploring shallow bays and rivers. The previous owner used it for flats fishing. Removing the mask is a very simple procedure that requires less than an hour, but with the boom gallows why bother? The 5hp will run this boat all day with a 5gallon tank. The long benches with a removable mid deck allow it to be used for carrying a small party. The fibreglass hull is sound. The deck has a few cosmetic chips. The rub rail is substantial and in good shape. The little double ender with a gaff rig always draws attention to herself. Pictures are from Biscayne Bay. In short, a very versatile and sound craft.

    Will sell for less with an older noisier 4.5 HP Evinrude Two Stroke instead of the Honda.

    Boat sold for asking price. Thanks for providing such an excellent site.
    Ft. Lauderdale, Florida

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    Sailboat Photo Gallery

    Mud Hen sailboat

    Mud Hen sailboat

    Mud Hen sailboat

    Mud Hen sailboat

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