Mud Hen, 1983, Delmar, Maryland, $6,700, price reduced 7/29/08 to $5,700, decided not to sell

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1983 Mud Hen

  • made by Florida Bay Boat Co.
  • Length: 17' 4"
  • Beam: 6' 6"
  • Draft: 9 inches
  • Sail Area: 155 Square Feet
  • Brand new 2HP Honda motor.

    Boat has been restored with:

  • New sassafras and bronze rub rails
  • New anchor platform
  • New boom gallows made of white ash
  • New tiller also white ash
  • All halyards run aft.

    Trailer rebuilt and modified for easy launching and retrieving.

    David I would like to cancel the Mud Hen #101 ad, my health is going to improve getting new knee,s and I want to sail when I get back in shape. Hope I haven,t wasted too much of your time.Thanks John
    Delmar, Maryland

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    Mud Hen

    Mud Hen

    Mud Hen

    Mud Hen

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