Chrysler Muntineer 15, 1978, Memphis, Tennessee, $1,200, sold 6/30/08

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1978 Chrysler Muntineer 15

  • good condition. There is some glass crazing but I believe that is to be expected from age. The entire boat seems quite firm and solid. The previous owner claimed to have been in the trailer business and he said he rebuilt the trailer. It has worked great for me. Like I said, I'm not a sailor but the sails seem crisp and quite serviceable to my untrained eye. I've had her out a total of three times in about four years so since I'm not sailing her I need to find her a new home. When I took her out, even though I didn't know what I was doing I was able to sail her around the lake. Slowly. haha. The previous owner installed a motor mount for a trolling motor, as he said, "for when the wind goes away". I do have a trolling motor I will include in a sale for the asking price. The motor mount seems to be a good and serviceable installation. She has never been painted and I believe the original gelcoat would shine up beautifully. Boat, trailer, mast, boom, motor mount, sails, tiller and standing rigging. All believed to be in good serviceable condition, but please don't rely on my inexperience. I'll be glad to show you the boat and let you check her out for yourself.

    Thanks David.
    Please mark my Muntineer sold. I sold it locally but I really do appreciate you listing it for me!
    Memphis, Tennessee

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    Chrysler Muntineer 15

    Chrysler Muntineer 15

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