1989 Alex Camet Naples Sabot, Newport Beach, California, $1,850, sold 1/31/05

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1989 Alex Camet Naples Sabot, #9434

  • completely restored with new paint and varnish
  • Teak rails
  • New carbon fiber mast and boom
  • Good blades
  • Race rigged
  • 2004 Ullman sail (new cut)
  • Measured and registered
  • Light and fast!

    Your ad sold my Sabot to a local (Huntington Beach, CA) dad with a son looking to upgrade his boat.
    I almost blew the fellow off after receiving six scam responses offering to buy my boat with no questions asked....if I would only accept their certified bank draft....etc. Your education on these particular frauds was very helpful.
    One small note that may be a tip-off. In every one of the fake responses the personal pronoun "I" was typed in the lower case. These can't all be a case of bad typing habits, but rather bespeak a common culture or region as the origin of the fraud.
    Newport Beach, California

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    1989 Alex Camet Naples Sabot sailboat

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