Newport 17, 1978, Lee's Summit, Missouri, $1,800, sold 9/9/07

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1978 Newport 17

  • Length is 17'
  • Beam is 6'
  • Flatter racing hull below the waterline, will plane.
  • Steel centerboard in ballasted hull, so if rolled, it is not a heavy centerboard that will slam into the centerboard trunk and break it out. Winch in cockpit.
  • I here she is an excellent sailing boat - great racing hull, easy to rig, and a lot of fun!
  • With board down, draws about 3'6"; with board up, draws less than 12".
  • The quarter berths are 3/4 length; perfect for a child and also perfect for a laundry basket. Basket pulls out for drawer-like storage.
  • Drain plug to drain interior; self-draining cockpit.
  • Drop boards remove for a very large companionway; no sliding hatch.
  • No center post in cabin; mast is supported by a ceiling arch glassed into the deck. Approx 42" of headroom; crouching or sitting room.
  • Mast is easy to step; no backstay, just shrouds and forestay. Tabernacle base.
  • Motor mount is solid; not much power is needed for this light boat.
  • Total weight for boat & trailer is approximately 1500lbs.
  • New paint, professionally painted. I have left over white and blue marine paint.

    1978 Johnson 6.0hp Sailboat motor

    1978 Sailboat trailer.

  • Trailer has new tires and fresh paint.

    David, Please remove my ad for the sailboat. I sold it from an ad on Craig's list. Thanks for the listing.
    Lee's Summit, Missouri

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    Newport 17

    Newport 17

    Newport 17

    Newport 17

    Newport 17

    Newport 17

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