Oday 19 Mariner 2+2, 1978, Waukesha, Wisconsin, $3,400, price reduced 6/13/07 to $2,500, sold 7/18/07

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1978 Oday 19 Mariner 2+2

  • Boat is ready to sail. Its amazing how a new good quality coat of paint brings out the beautiful lines of the 19-foot 1978 Oday Mariner Sailboat.

    Condition of Boat: The exterior of the boat has recently been repainted with three-part Urethane - Color, Frost White. This boat was in excellent condition, so there wasn't a lot of preparation before painting. The hull and deck of the boat now have a clean glossy finish. The bottom of the boat and centerboard seem to be in good condition. The bottom was recently painted with Blue Bottom Paint.

    Boat Rigging:

  • New Halyards, Main Sheet and Dock line.
  • Sails are in good shape.
  • Existing Boomvang and Jib lines.
  • New Hatch doors.
  • A solid Motor Mount w/1986 long-shaft Evinrude 7.5 Motor, forward and reverse - has new sparks plugs and motor runs Great!
  • 2 Winches.
  • There are 2 drains in the cockpit.

    Interior of Boat: Cushions on the left and right hand side and V berth. Nothing has been done to the interior.

    Trailer: This is a very heavy-duty Easy Load trailer. Lights work, has Bearing buddies, which have been greased. Tires are in good shape.

    Motor available for extra $500

    Thank you for your help I sold my boat .We will talk again.
    your freind
    Waukesha, Wisconsin

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    Oday 19 Mariner 2+2

    Oday 19

    Oday 19

    Oday 19

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    Oday 19

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    Oday 19

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