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O'Day Javelin, 14', 1973, Rochester, Minnesota, $1,500, Price reduced 7/15/10 to $1,200, SOLD 8/20/10

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O'Day Javelin, 14', 1973

In good shape for its age.

Registered in MN until 2011.

Trailer has permanent MN registration.

Boat is complete with all needed rigging, lines, sails, tiller, rudder, centerboard.

  • Has positive foam flotation, will not sink even if filled with water.
  • Has been painted in the past, white on top, blue hull.
  • Mast and boom are straight and in good shape.
  • Sails are patched but serviceable.
  • Includes a new teak hatch cover.
  • Only sailed 2-3 times last summer after a complete cleaning and restoration.
  • Trailer has been completely torn down, painted and rebuilt.
  • Steel centerboard adds low weight and stability.
  • Can be sailed single handedly (I did) or can carry 6 people.
  • Storage cover included.

    I do have a tabernacle (hinge) for the mast that have not installed yet. Currently raising the mast involves lifting it and dropping it in the hole in the front deck. The tabernacle would allow you to raise the mast as it pivots on a pin. I can either install this for you or leave it off or just include it with the boat. Some prefer the greater stiffness of a solid mast, others prefer the easy raising of the hinge, your choice.

    I currently have 5 sailboats so I need to sell a couple. I will be listing some of the others here as I finish some repairs. My other boats include 2 Chrysler Mutineers, 1 Chrysler Buccaneer and a MacGregor 19 (the last one is not for sale).

    I can be reached by either e-mail or phone. Please leave a message if there is no answer.

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    Sailboat Photo Gallery

    O'Day Javelin, 14', 1973 sailboat

    O'Day Javelin, 14', 1973 sailboat

    O'Day Javelin, 14', 1973 sailboat

    O'Day Javelin, 14', 1973 sailboat

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