Optimist $1,000 firm, sold 12/15/02

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Optimist: The one and only sailing class specifically for children.

The best way to introduce kids to sailing is through the Optimist class. Optimist sailboats are designed especially for children, with a broad beam for exceptional safety and stability. The boats are simple to operate - just one sail, one line, and one daggerboard. They're also simple to transport - just strap it to the roof of your car or stow it in the back of a van or sport utility vehicle.

The Optimist is, quite simply, the dinghy in which the young people of the world learn to sail. It is a single sailor, 7'6" by 3'8" flat bottomed, hard-chine, pram-bowed dinghy. The boat weighs 77lbs and is easily car topped, frequently with two on the roof.

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