McLaughlin Optimist, 1995, Ft Worth, Texas, $1,450, price reduced 7/17/09 to $1,200, sold 7/19/09

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1995 McLaughlin Optimist

  • This boat was purchased reconditioned from McLaughlin.
  • Hard tanks mean less bailing for beginners.
  • This boat has trophied in TSA Green and White fleet regattas.
  • Bottom and blades are very smooth!
  • Club rig and blades, air bags, hull cover, blade bag, padded hiking straps, boom bumper, bow bumper, tiller extension, good practice sail and Intensity radial cut race sail (used one season).

    can possibly be delivered to a TSA regatta.

    The Opti sold this morning. Please re-send me your PayPal info.
    Thanks again!
    Ft Worth, Texas

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    Sailboat Photo Gallery

    McLaughlin Optimist sailboat

    McLaughlin Optimist sailboat

    McLaughlin Optimist sailboat

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