Optimist, 2000, Memphis, Tennessee, $1,750, price reduced 2/21/07 to $1,550, sold 3/20/07

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2000 Optimist

  • International Optimist Dinghy For Sale
  • "US 10109 " (Memphis, TN )
  • McLaughlin "Club" Optimist - in nearly new condition
  • (Daughters liked sailing with me better than sailing alone - a good problem)
  • Hull Number 0129L039607M - Built in 2000


  • "McLaughlin" Hull with bow bumper,
  • "Sails East" Club Sail with bag,
  • "OptiParts" Club Spars
  • "McLauglin" Rudder and Daggerboard
  • "Omega" Bottom Cover,
  • "OptiParts" Blade Bag
  • "OptiParts" Flotation Bags -in good condition

    Delivery within reasonable radius of Memphis, TN, may be negotiated.

    Your website did it again - the Optimist has been sold - all the way to Detroit. I could never have sold the boat locally. Thanks you!
    In the process I only ended up with 31 Nigerian scam e-mails, including 6 forged $500 AmEx gift checks. I guess that is the cost of doing business on the internet. I really appreciate all the tips on how to stay away from the scams. I would have hated to have learned the hard way.
    Memphis, Tennessee

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