PD Racer

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  • LOA 8'
  • Beam 4'
  • Weight undefined
  • Sail Area variable

    PD Racer, designed by Shorty Pen in 200?, inspired by the Bolger Brick design but a sailboat. A simple and easy to build design. This developing class is gaining in popularity and has an active racing program. The class rules allow for experimentation and many boat modifications yet boats cost very little to build.

    For full information on the PDRacer see Shorty's PDRacer website

    There's an Australian site about the OZ PDRacer, which sells plans for their "improved" PDRacer.

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    Sailboat Photo Gallery

    Peachland Endurance Race

    Photos courtesy of Shorty Pen
    PD Racer

    PD Racer

    PD Racer

    PD Racer

    PD Racer

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