Pearson 26 One Design, 1979, Panama City, Florida, $7,800, sold 7/16/07

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1979 Pearson 26 One Design

  • New performance mainsail and 155 Genoa
  • Epoxy barrier coat
  • Harken self tailing primary winches
  • Excellent condition.

    Dear Dave,
    Strangely I feel somewhat sad to report that Pearson 26 102 has sold. There is a saying that the 2 happiest days in a mans life are the days he buys a boat and the day he sells it. For me, this is not the case, perhaps you should warn sellers that if they advertise on your site there is a good possibility that their boat will actually sell, so if they have any trepidation about selling maybe they should re-consider. Thank you for your site, it is defiantly quite effective.
    Panama City, Florida

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    Pearson 26

    Pearson 26

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