2003 Peep Hen 14, Houston, Texas, $8990, Sold 3/31/04

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  • This is a 2003 Peep Hen sailboat. This is a 2003 Peep Hen sailboat. This is the biggest little boat there is, at only 14' long and 650 lbs, you can tow her with just about anything. The cockpit can hold 4 adults, and the cabin has plenty of room for 2 adults to fully function inside. Has a hinged mast that does not use stays to raise the mast, all you do is lift and put the pin in holding it up. Only uses one sail so it is very simple to operate. I am the Texas dealer for Nimble, and this is a brand new Peep Hen, she has has only been demo sailed a few times. This one has the following options: Galvanized Trailer Upgraded Stainless Keel Bottom Paint Bronze Opening Ports

    Finally sold my boat
    I listed her in several magazines, on ebay, at trailersailor.com, and a number of other small boating websites. The customer who bought it, only saw it at SailingTexas.com !!
    Thanks a bunch for your terrific classifieds !
    Houston, Texas

  • 2003 Peep Hen 14

    2003 Peep Hen 14

    2003 Peep Hen 14

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