Chrysler Pirateer 13, 1977, Panama City, Florida, $1,700, sold 3/28/09

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1977 Chrysler Pirateer 13

The orange fiberglass hull is buffed to a shine, the white interior is clean and looks nice, and I made slight modifications overall that make it sail BETTER than new. Better sail shapes done professionally(note the main sail fastens along the boom with grommets for better wind usage and prevents the annoying sail flapping, and the jib sail is narrower with a small flexible boom on the bottom making it efficient as it cuts through the air like a regular sail not a worthless parachute, and it doesn't reach way back and destroy the power of the main sail, a problem with the factory Pirateers). Anyway, the rudder and centerboard were also trimmed down for less drag and more speed. The transom was completely gutted and redone professionally with an acrylic board instead of a wood board so it will never rot again(square hatch inside stern now). The hidden inner space doesn't leak one drop of water and stays vented. We have sailed it with 3 people and a dog in 2' bay waves in 20mph winds and it was great fun. It is easy to control and has never flipped. There are cross benches made for extra seating and it is a 'blast' to sail.

The registered trailer is redone with new lights, wheels(larger lower psi tires, berrings, seals, caps, waterproof grease in spring pressure hubs).

SOLD! Thanks for your sailing website, It's really a fun site to look over and especially it really helped me sell my sailboat to a happy local buyer. I had calls fast. Thanks again. Keep making waves..
Panama City, Florida

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Sailboat Photo Gallery

Chrysler Pirateer 13 sailboat

Chrysler Pirateer 13 sailboat

Chrysler Pirateer 13 sailboat

Chrysler Pirateer 13 sailboat

Chrysler Pirateer 13 sailboat

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