Prindle 16, 1982, Houston, Texas, $1,400, price reduced 5/2/08 to $1,300, sold 5/11/08

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1982 Prindle 16 Catamaran

  • hulls are solid with no soft spots. Stored in my garage.

    Includes galvanized Sportsman trailer, 12" wheels with spare tire, great condition. Pulls well with my little pickup.

    Main and jib are both in good condition, still plenty of life left. Includes roller furler for jib.

    Tramp is in good condition, I restrung it last year, no holes.

    Rigged for double trapeze, includes 1 good harness and 1 "stitching needed" harness

    Rudders had some prior repairs to the tops before I bought the boat 4 yr ago, but they're solid and I haven't had any problems with them.

    Includes lots of extras like hot stick, paddle, 3 life jackets, and more, everything you need to hit the water on the way home.

    Also plenty of spare parts available for a little extra.

    Boat sold quickly, thanks for the help!
    Houston, Texas

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    Prindle 16

    Prindle 16

    Prindle 16

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