Prindle 18, 1981, La Feria, Texas, $1,800, price reduced 7/20/09 to $450, sold sorta 8/3/09

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1981 Prindle 18

  • Hulls are solid with no soft spots.
  • Sails are good - no holes or rips.
  • Lockable equipment capsule on trailer.
  • Mast raising brace included.
  • No photos of boat available -- see Sailing Texas Saiboat Photo Gallery for pictures of like boats.
  • Traier included
  • Trailer and tires are good. Repack wheel bearings before travel.

    It is a sad story. I live in Colorado. There was no market for the boat here so I took it to a friend of mine in south Texas (La Feria) and listed it with a broker. That was more than 4 years ago. The broker did nothingl. After no action for some time I listed it on your site. As you know I went all the way down to a $450 asking price. Over the last couple of years I had several inquiries but none came to fruition. My friend became more and more frustrated with having the boat in her yard and finally a couple of months ago gave it to another friend of hers without my knowledge. Two weeks ago a man from Fort Sam Houston in Texas was going to look and probably buy the boat. When I contacted my friend to tell her of the visit I found out the boat had been given away. When I advised her that the person she gave the boat to should be obligated to at least compensate me in the amout of $400 which was the agreed price for the last potential buyer -- I was told to go take a hike; the boat was gone, no money would be forthcoming, and I had taken advantage of her generosity all this time. So --- the boat is gone and I have no recourse. Thus the boat is "no longer available". Sorta sold.
    Thanks for your help,

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    Prindle 18

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