1962/3 Rudy Choy CSK 36, Vancouver, Canada, asking $28,500US, price reduced 3/11/06 to $19,000US, ad expired

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1962/3 Rudy Choy CSK 36

  • L.O.A. 36'
  • Model C/S/K Design #52
  • Builder Tom Sauter
  • Designer Rudy Choy C/S/K
  • Beam 15' 6"
  • Draft 17"
  • Mast 46' 6"
  • Engine Johnson /33HP
  • DWL 28' 0"
  • Hull Construction Spruce Molded 3 Laminators

    This, not only unique but classic C/S/K has been hidden away in dry storage for over 30 years. Custom cabin modifications were planned yet never completed. It is time someone bring the Toru back to her former beauty.

    The racing C/S/K catamaran Toru, dubbed "The Little Spruce Goose" or "The Son of Spruce Goose", was brought to Canada in 1976 and put into dry storage. The prior owner, during the initial years, was in the process of turning the Toru into a weekender with a custom stand up cabin. Along with the cabin refit, the plan included deck expansions by replacing the forward and aft netting with expanded metal decking. The custom cabin has been fixed in place but not glassed on.

    Please keep in mind both the custom cabin and the replacement metal decking can easily be removed to return the Toru back to the original C/S/K design. Please refer to the original Rudy Choy building plans in comparison to the refit plans. This is the only C/S/K catamaran made from Aircraft Grade Sitka Spruce. How she looks today is cosmetic from getting readied to be repainted and custom plans started.

    We have the design plans, more pictures, some of the race records and other memorabilia.

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    Sailboat Photo Gallery

    Pictures from 30 years ago
    1962/3 Rudy Choy CSK 36 sailboat

    1962/3 Rudy Choy CSK 36 sailboat

    1962/3 Rudy Choy CSK 36 sailboat

    Pictures today 1962/3 Rudy Choy CSK 36 sailboat

    1962/3 Rudy Choy CSK 36 sailboat

    1962/3 Rudy Choy CSK 36 sailboat

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