S2 7.0 (23'0), 1975, Palacios, Texas, $1,350, price reduced 10/4/09 to $850, sold 10/22/09

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1975 S2 7.0

  • Boat has gotten some rain water in it before I bought it. Needs lot of cleanup (mildew, lifted veneer, etc.)

    Boat seems to be sound, have not found any soft spots.

    Normal gear - main, jib, average running and standing rigging, stuff left over from previous owners (life preservers, curtains, who knows).

    Current Texas registration

    No engine. Does have outboard bracket.

    no trailer included

    My boat sold.
    Thanks for all of your help and advice in selling my boat.
    Great website!
    Palacios, Texas

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    Sailboat Photo Gallery

    S2 7.0 sailboat

    S2 7.0 sailboat

    S2 7.0 sailboat

    S2 7.0 sailboat

    S2 7.0 sailboat

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