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Friday 13th March 2009 4th World record Attempt
It appears that something failed structurally early on the record attempt today and the boat collapsed and turned over very quickly. Paul Larsen was hurt, but is out of the hospital. Repairs are being made to the boat.

9th March, 2009. Vestas SailRocket managed 42.5 knots over a 500 metre run with a peak around 44.7 knots with an average wind speed of 19.5 knots. Most of us think we are doing very well to sail as fast as the windspeed, the Sail Rocket can do twice the windspeed!

Sail Rocket is one of the 2008 contenders for the world sailing speed record, and in December 2008 held the record for a half kilometer course of 47.36 knots! Still trying to be the first sailboat to break 50 knots over a half meter course, possible but flipped in early December at 52 knots.

  • The record
    Record: World B Class Record
    Yacht: Vestas Sailrocket. Solid wing sail
    Name: Paul Larsen. AUS
    Dates: 3rd December 2008
    Start time: 15; 18; 14.5 UTC
    Finish time: 15; 18; 35.1 UTC
    Elapsed time: 20.6 seconds
    Distance: 501.9 metres
    Average speed: 47.36 kts
    Venue: Walvis Bay, Namibia

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    Sailboat Photo Gallery

    Video of the Sail Rocket flying at 52 knots

    2009 attempt, SailRocket flies again! October 6, 2009.

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