Santa Cruz 27, 1976, New Orleans, Louisiana, $7,500, price reduced 6/21/10 to $4,940, SOLD 7/8/10

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1976 Santa Cruz 27

  • 2003 Honda BF5A 5.0 horsepower, 4 stroke water cooled motor.
  • All of the newer sails are North Sails, all are lightly used.
  • The Genoa is a 2003 155% 3DL medium #1 sail.
  • The main is a 2004 Kevlar sail with tuff luff.
  • The spinnaker is a 2004 Gradient Symmetric Spinaker.
  • We have a variety of older Dacron sails.
  • The mast meets the Santa Cruz one design requirements, made at Ballenger Spar Systems in 2003.
  • The boat is very fast, handles well, sails to its rating of 144 (per GYA).
  • The boat is dark blue
  • LOA 27'
  • 8' beam
  • 4'6" draft.
  • tiller.
  • There are several "berths", but the boat is not designed for cruising, and is spartan below deck.

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    Santa Cruz 27

    Santa Cruz 27

    Santa Cruz 27

    Santa Cruz 27

    Santa Cruz 27

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