1977 Santa Cruz 27, Lake Lavon, Wylie, Texas, asking $11,500, ad expired

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  • Solana is a Santa Cruz 27, designed and built by Bill Lee in Santa Cruz, California. The SC27 was one of the first production ULDBs (Ultra-Light Displacement Boat) designed and built during the heyday of the genre. By today's "sports boat" standards it is more like moderate displacement, but the SC27 is a true blue-water, deep-ocean boat capable of withstanding just about anything the sea can throw her way. The characteristics of the SC27 are a long length, narrow beam, low freeboard, moderate sail plan with a large foretriangle, and light displacement. The lines are clean and fair which makes for a slippery shape with a "flexible" top speed.
  • Solana has always lived in North Texas, has always been kept on trailer or hydrohoist and has never been in salt water. The PHRF for the Santa Cruz 27 ranges from 132 to 144 in North Texas. In PHRF racing, this model competes well in all wind conditions against a variety of performance boats. Even though known for it's off the wind capabilities in heavy air, the SC27 also does very well in light air due to it's light displacement.
  • To see the complete Santa Cruz 27 story, check it out as described by the Wizard himself, Bill Lee, on his own website at: https://www.vdbs.com/~wizard/27.html
  • Gobs of options and even a trailer!

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    1977 Santa Cruz 27

    1977 Santa Cruz 27

    1977 Santa Cruz 27

    1977 Santa Cruz 27

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