Saroca 16, 1987, Unadilla, New York, $1,500, sold 7/15/09

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1987 Saroca 16

  • The Saroca is a multipurpose family boat. Saroca stands for "SAil, ROw, CAnoe." As the name implies you can sail, row or paddle it. There are three cockpits. The middle cockpit is for sailing or rowing. The forward and aft cockpits are for paddling. The fore and aft cockpits have covers for when the Saroca is being sailed.

    The boat has a 65 square foot main sail. It is cat rigged. The mast is free standing (no standing rigging required).

    Two 7' carbon fiber oars are included. The oars come apart for easy storage in the cockpit.

    The Saroca was manufactured in 1987. A copy of the owner's manual is included.

    2004 Load Rite boat trailer included

    Hi David,
    The Saroca has been sold.
    Thanks for the wonderful service you provide.
    Unadilla, New York

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    Sailboat Photo Gallery

    Saroca 16 sailboat

    Saroca 16 sailboat

    Saroca 16 sailboat

    Saroca 16 sailboat

    Saroca 16 sailboat

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