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Saroca 17, 1985, Houston, Texas, $2,100, Price reduced 5/6/10 to $1,800, SOLD 8/22/10

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Saroca 17, 1985

The Saroca is the most versatile little Sailboat, row-boat, canoe available, and they're rare.

Saroca stands for SAil-ROw-CAnoe it does all three

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The boat has two sealable hatches for and aft.

Canoeists can sit in there when paddling.

When sailing, the center cockpit is ideal. This cockpit is also used for the rowing station.

length 16'6"

beam 4'6"

draft 3" to 2'6"

weight 150 pounds

carrying capacity 1000 pounds

Sail area approx. 50 sq.ft.

The boat has a roller furling mast for any wind condition,

  • colored sail,
  • main-sheet,
  • boom,
  • boom-vang,
  • dagger-board,
  • rudder,
  • tiller,
  • hiking- stick,
  • two oars,
  • small anchor,
  • anchor rope,
  • life jacket,
  • plastic bailer,
  • paddle.

    (The company sells an optional sliding seat rowing rig. Other accessories are also available.)

    No Trailer. We carry the boat on top of our Suburban. Delivery available.

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    Sailboat Photo Gallery

    Saroca 17, 1985 sailboat

    Saroca 17, 1985 sailboat

    Saroca 17, 1985 sailboat

    Saroca 17, 1985 sailboat

    Saroca 17, 1985 sailboat

    Saroca 17, 1985 sailboat

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