Scorpion, 1973, Silver Spring, Maryland, $400, sold 9/1/08

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1973 Scorpion

  • The best thing about the boat is the new Sunfish sail that I purchased for it in 1996. During that year we moved away from the Potomac River and I have not used the sailboat since. The truest thing would be to say it (the sail) has been used very little, perhaps 6-7 times.
  • I also purchased a cam cleat for the mainsheet, works great for leaving hands free for the tiller, etc. I also purchased a couple nice blocks for the main sheet, mounted on the boom.
  • All parts are there, daggerboard, rudder.

    No trailer

    Greetings David!
    My ad is "Scorpion #100".
    My sailboat sold this morning to a couple from Grand Rapids, Michigan. They called yesterday about noon, and decided to drive right over and pick it up. They drove till about 1 AM and parked for the night, sleeping in the Jeep Liberty till early morning. They then came to our house.
    Thank you so much for the advertising!! Thanks also for the warning about scams. The scam outfit sent me messages under two different names. The first time I sent them the information they requested. When they replied with the next step, I saw it was the scam you identified in your email.
    He paid with cash and seemed happy to find the boat.
    Again, thank you for your very real help!
    Silver Spring, Maryland

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    Scorpion sailboat

    Scorpion sailboat

    Scorpion sailboat

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