2005 Sea Flea, Houston, Texas, asking $800, price reduced 7/27/05 to $400, sold 8/6/05

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2005 Sea Flea

  • This is a very well built little home built sailboat. Boat is brand new only been taken out 4 times and it's a blast. Fun and easy for all sizes and ages. Great for one but carries 2 people with no problems. Built from basic plans from Stevenson boat project plans then improved on their proven designs. Built from model Sea Flea a midget sailboat that offers super portability, stability and fun speed. Classed as a Sailboard styled sailboat. Built from marine grade lumber, using both screws and glue for assembly, this boat is never going to come apart, then sealed both inside and out plus 2 coats primer and 3 coats paint then sealant coated again. Inside hull is filled with large bubble wrap for added floatation contained in individual chambers. 10 foot long with a 48" beam 13' tall freestanding wood mask no hassles of stay wires and spars made of PVC. Fast and easy up and down. Sail is a Used Snark Sail in very good condition, it's referred to as a "Lateen" style sail, which means the mast is short and the sail has another spar, called a gaff, which carries the peak of the sail up much higher than the top of the mast, with the gaff slightly angled so that the lower front corner of the front of the mast. 155" Mast and 122" boom.
  • Boat also built for small ele or gas outboard.
  • Sailboat also comes with a trailer hitch receiver boat trailer. Mount inserts into your receiver and then the boat ride on this in the same manor as it would on a regular boats trailer but with out the hassles of a trailer. Can be water unloaded and load just the same just back down the ramp or can be done by hand.
  • Plus a boat dolly that locks into the dager board slot for moving the boat around. Very handy to have and works great.
  • I won't ship these items but will be glad to deliver then to a shipper of yours with in 50 miles of Spring zip 77373 a suburb of Houston. Or come pick it up and drive home. Will accept payment of cash or Paypal only. No oversea bidders, no over the cost money orders!

    Houston, Texas

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    Sailboat Photo Gallery

    2005 Sea Flea sailboat

    2005 Sea Flea sailboat

    2005 Sea Flea sailboat

    2005 Sea Flea sailboat

    2005 Sea Flea sailboat

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