Snipe #8364, Traverse City, Michigan, $500, sold 7/28/08

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Snipe #8364

  • 15 1/2 one design boat that in its hayday was incredibly fast and agile. A great boat.
  • Wooden Hull
  • Epoxy over wood
  • Beautiful Spruce mast and boom
  • All in good repair, with the exceptions of some stress cracks on the deck and dry rot that i am repairing as of now along the edge. Needs to be faired back into the deck not very much work.
  • I installed ronstat blocks to replace the old ones that were worn out, but the original brass winch and cam cleat work perfect and shine like new.
  • The trailer has brand new bearings, tires and wheels. pulls fine.
  • This is the only known example of post war example of a Dumphy Snipe so it is quite rare.

    This boat is a fun little boat for the area and a very forgiving boat to learn on, I would love to find someone who wants a classic head turner to sail around in.

    Hi David,
    Was just about to send you an email! The boat sold Yesterday. Thanks so much, your ad generated a lot of attention.
    Thanks so much!
    Traverse City, Michigan

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    Snipe #8364

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