RC Soling, 2001, Sunrise Beach, Texas, $185, sold 1/28/08

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2001 Radio controlled Soling

  • Radio controlled mini Soling
  • includes custom stand and transmitter
  • new condition

    I just sold the Soling, & I appologize for not notifying you.............I guess I have too many things on my mind. I sold it to a guy in Cleveland, Ohio, & had it packed & shipped by UPS. Well, he just received it.....in damaged condition, no less. So right now I'm dealing with UPS to 'Right' the situation. They bent the rudder-post& partially separated the keel from the hull. To note: I sold it for $185, and it cost me $66 to ship it.......Didn't do too well, eh?
    Come by when you're in the neighborhood & I'll tell you some 'Sea Stories'.
    Sunrise Beach, Texas

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    RC Soling

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