1972 Soling, Bryan, Texas, asking $2,950, Sold 11/22/04

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1972 Soling

  • Have you ever wished you could have a daysailer that was stable, roomy and easy to handle?
    How about a boat that is truly beautiful?
    How about one that's really fast by almost anyone's measurement?
    That boat is a Soling.
    Solings have been around for about 35 years. From 1972 to 2000 they were the Olympic keelboat. A lot of learn-to-sail schools use Solings for teaching boats. Usually when you see a photograph of a Soling some guys are hanging off the side with their butts in the water. The Soling can be pleasantly sailed without ever getting wet. The boat is very stable and not tippy. A Soling can move in light air when other boats are sitting still. When the wind pipes up, there is enough adjustment to de-power the rig without reefing. The self-tacking jib makes life easy when tacking.
    What a lot of people don't realize is that a Soling is a great daysailer. This Soling was built in 1972 by Abbott Boat Works in Canada. It was actively raced until 1988. Since then it's been mostly in storage.
  • All the running and standing rigging is in great shape.
  • All lines are labled to simplify operation.
  • All controls are led to both port and starboard.
  • There are two sets off sails. Mains, Jibs, & Spinnakers. Both sets are serviceable but not competitive. Both sets are class measured and one is Olympic trials stamped.
  • Both traveler cars are Harken re-circulating ball type.
  • All the blocks are Harken.
  • During the 80's the boat was re-rigged to conform with the latest go-fast thinking.
  • This boat has a full cockpit deck unlike some of the early Solings.
  • Sets of battery-powered running lights provide light for those moonlight sails.
  • Elvstrom bailers evacuate any water that comes aboard quickly.
  • Unlike most Solings it has a very smooth coat of hard VC-17 bottom paint applied so that it can rest in a dock, ready to sail.
  • There is a custom cockpit cover/boom tent that will keep out most of the rain and crud while the boat is at anchor or docked.
  • A Danforth anchor, four life jackets, a proctor tapered spinnaker pole and a paddle are included.
  • The trailer has new bearings, tires, wheels and a cool new launch wheel.
  • The boat and trailer weigh about 2900 lbs and are both registered in Texas.

    Yesterday my ad in Sailing Texas paid off and I sold my Soling.
    I had a lot of inquiries during the two months the ad was up. I really appreciate your help.
    Thanks again,
    Bryan, Texas

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    Sailboat Photo Gallery

    1972 Soling sailboat

    1972 Soling sailboat

    1972 Soling sailboat

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