1974 Soling 26, Lake Ray Hubbard, Rockwall, Texas, asking $3,500, price reduced 9/7/05 to $2,500, ad expired

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1974 Soling 26

  • This boat won the USA Championship in 1986 and continued on to the Olympics. There isn't a faster more stable boat made, in my opinion. If you are looking for a fun boat or a race boat to take home some trophies this boat will get it done. Lake Ray Hubbard has weekly races as well as 6 major regattas every year. This boat launches in just 10 minutes.

    Built by Borresson, Olympic racer w/ keel, huge cockpit 7 ft, micro-adj. for everything, self tacking jib makes for easy handling. It has self bailers but you have to be on a reach or run for them to use a vacuum action to work. This baby really carves turns quick and is extremely responsive to tiller movements. Points higher than anything on the water, bendable mast makes sailing in any condition even in 35+ winds with full sails no problem and you can fly in those conditions when you raise the spinnaker. Spinnaker is very simple to raise or lower never a mess or a disaster. I sail with only one partner or alone on occasions in very choppy water with average summer winds 25-35 knots. The ride is quite adventurous but stable. Passing other boats is a normal occurrence without any effort. Rigs in about 10 minutes with Main sail attached to the boom. No compromises seemed to have been made for this boat to achieve speed. Fin shaped keel, narrow 6 ft beam, knife blade rudder. Making adjustments to backstay, forestay, Cunningham, vang, outhaul, inhaul, downhaul, main or jib traveler, jib clew, spinnaker, upper and lower shrouds, while under sail is a breeze.

  • sails still bear the USA Championship and the Olympic patches stitched into the foot of each one
  • 2 jibs
  • 2 mains
  • comes with a trailer, I've always dry sail her

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    1974 Soling 26 sailboat

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