1977 South Coast 26, Lake Ray Hubbard, near Dallas, Texas, asking $3900, ad expired

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1977 South Coast 26

  • I bought this Southcoast 26 new in 1977. It has been in the water ever since except for the move from Grapevine to Ray Hubbard when i took a few weeks and cleaned it up a bit and repaired a few little things. That was in about 1991 or so. It has never had a bottom job. No that's right.. never had one. Please don't contact me and start arguing about how dumb that is.. i was probably sailing boats before you were born and even if I wasn't I have owned hundreds of boats and can make those kinds of decisions backed by thousands of hours fooling with all kinds of boats.. I will certainly respect your decision not to buy this boat if that is a problem for you.. you may be right.. it might just sink to the bottom tomorrow.. but probably not.... maybe the next day. I think the boat shows very nice for it's age and the absolute absence of maintenance of any kind.. but that's one of the great things about this boat. The price is $3900 without a motor. there is no trailer. you can not pull the boat out of the water and inspect it. It is however available for inspection at the dock by appointment.. i'm pretty flexible timewise and can show it most nice days.

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    South Coast 26 sailboat

    South Coast 26 sailboat

    South Coast 26 sailboat

    South Coast 26 sailboat

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