5/30/06, 2003 Stevenson Projects Minicup Homebuilt 12' racer, Gainesville, Florida, $1,200, sold 9/2/06

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2003 Stevenson Projects Minicup Homebuilt 12' racer

  • I built her in the livingroom of an old apartment during my junior year in college using the wood, glue and screws method. She's all good wood and covered in lots of glass. I really love this boat, but I bought a Catalina 22 and it's more my style nowadays, although this boat is blazing fast. This would be a perfect boat for kids because it's so hard to flip and easy to right. It doesn't do too well in waves over 2', but that's most boats this size. I'm moving to a new job soon and won't be able to store 2 boats, so alas I need to sell this one.

    Selling my beautiful 12' racer as I'm moving to a new job in August This boat comes w/ 2 sails, all new rope running rigging. Mast drops into 2 mast boxes for different rigs, no standing rigging required but boat has stays in you want to use them. Pictured is 95sqft gaff rigged sail(That was a good day sailing too in 12kts). Wooden mast and gaff, aluminum boom. Daggerboard, kick up rudder. All Schaefer shiny SS blocks, 2 cam cleats in cockpit, shiny 4" cleats. Jam cleats hold halyards to mast. Block for the gaff, traveler. Boat seats 2 people, has flotation compartments that could be utilized for storage.

    As you can see the boat is ready to sail, takes 15 mins to rig up once she hits the water, very clean deck layout, very big/wide cockpit(as compared to laser or sunfish). It's flat bottomed and goes very fast, especially in limited waves. The design is very hard to flip because of the bottom design, but when she does is very easy to right with hand pressure on the daggerboard; no standing on the board necessary, and the mast doesn't sink(wood) so is nearly impossible to completely flip. The boat can point really high upwind, and also does really well at a run. The 95sqft gaff rig is efficient and adequately powered in winds less than 15kts. Above 15 though and you'll want to use the conventional 45sqft sail.

    Trailer is in perfect condition, tilts, has 13" big tires for tough travel. I installed new axle, hubs, and springs. No rust anywhere, or ever seen saltwater. Trailer is 14' long, and was a small jonboat trailer. Lights both work and have been fixed since picture.

    Hi David,
    I have sold the boat, and the recieving couple seemed very happy. Now I can devote all my time to the big boat who is sitting happily anchored about a mile from my house.
    Thanks a lot!
    Gainesville, Florida

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    2003 Stevenson Projects Minicup Homebuilt 12' racer

    2003 Stevenson Projects Minicup Homebuilt 12' racer

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