Sunfish, 1972, Irving, Texas, $650, sold 6/9/08

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1972 Sunfish

  • It has a new sail, new mainsheet and halyard (used less than 10 times).
  • It has a new rudder (i built it) and a new tiller / hiking stick (store bought).
  • The new rudder/tiller have never been in the water. I have used a rudder I made out of HDPE, because I did not want to mess up the beautiful new rudder it took me so long to make and varnish. You will get the plastic rudder and old tiller if you want them.
  • The dagger board is freshly revarnished, and again has not been in the water since.
  • I installed a swivel block for the mainsheet.
  • Best i can say for the trailer is that it is serviceable, but will need tags.
  • The flaws are that i have never been able to unscrew the drain plug, and the deck is weathered from too many years of not being covered. No spider cracks and it is a dry boat - never had any water come out when tipping the drain plug.

    Hello David,
    I want to let you know i also listed the sunfish on the Dallas craigslist - and it sold the same day.
    Irving, Texas

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