7/28/06, 1996 Sunflower, Jacksonville, Florida, $500, sold 8/28/06

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1996 CastleCraft Sunflower 3.3

  • 11 foot

    This is a great little boat to learn on! It is an upgrade from the venerable Snark styrofoam sailboat. The boat rigs like a Sunfish, but only weighs 50 pounds, so it is easy to cartop and you can be in the water in 10 minutes!

    The 55 square foot lateen rig sail is fitted with Harken blocks on the boom, kickup rudder, and there is a splash deck on the bow with storage underneath. The cockpit is open with a beam of 3'6", so there is plenty of room. The weight limit is 310 pounds, so an adult and a child can have a good time.

    The boat's construction is ABS, which is a hard plastic over polystyrene, so it is absolutely unsinkable and easy to keep clean. You could cut it in half and it both pieces would float.

    This Sunflower is in great condition, and has been sailed with great enjoyment on lakes in Kansas. The white parts of the sail are a little faded. I have had a lot of fun racing my Sunflower, and while she moves nicely to windward, the boat is not tremendously fast. There is the advantage in racing of a very generous Portsmouth handicap (131), so you can cross the line last and end up with a 3rd place finish!

    It comes with a homemade launching dolly constructed out of PVC, 2 daggerboards, a wooden seat, and a cover for the sail and spars.

    I am getting rid of my Sunflower because I was looking for a trailer and found one, only the trailer came with a used Sunfish!

    Hi David,
    My Sunflower is now sold to a great couple from Alabama who want an easy-to-sail boat to enjoy with their grandchildren. Thanks for this service you provide with this great website. I received several interested emails about the boat.
    Jacksonville, Florida

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    Sailboat Photo Gallery

    1996 Sunflower

    1996 Sunflower

    1996 Sunflower

    1996 Sunflower

    1996 Sunflower

    1996 Sunflower

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