Super Snark, 1997, Flagstaff, Arizona, $400, sold 9/16/08

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1997 Super Snark

  • The Super Snark Sailboat is designed for simplicity and safety. Sturdy & unsinkable, it's the perfect boat for beginners of any age, or for advanced sailors who just want a simple sailboat to go out and enjoy the day in. The Super Snark comes complete with nylon sail, daggerboard, kickup rudder and tiller, riggings and fittings. Mast, spar and boom are aluminum. Wooden parts are marine varnished.
  • LENGTH: 11'
  • BEAM: 3'2"
  • WEIGHT: 50 lbs
  • FREE BOARD: 12"
  • CAPACITY: 2 people or 310 lbs

    This is a car-toppable sailboat.

    I sold my Super Snark thanks to you! Really appreciate your great service.
    Flagstaff, Arizona

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    Super Snark

    Super Snark

    Super Snark

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